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So You Want to Move Forward...

18 Mar

Oooooh y'all. We ruffled some upgrades out of you with last week's blog! Just to clarify, there's no real age range on the stages of your career! You can be decades into your career and still be focused on continued learning and not be part of the problem! We know so many great engineers with tons of experience who are still learning.

I'm so excited to hear from companies who are ready to get out of the technology hole, and Tim is so happy to help. We've quoted and started a handful of upgrades this week, which is incredible! We're very proud of all of our clients. Knowing where to start is a big step, and arguably the hardest! If you have questions, want a quote, or just want to get some more information, reach out to any of us here at The Q! We can help, and if we can't, we will find someone who can. 

I wanted to take a minute to give you all of the resources we have out there about upgrades and PDM admin help, so we have it all in one place for you to reference later. There's also another blog similar to Tim is Angry called Vintage is Out from June 2020. 

1. Most recently, I did a blog a couple weeks ago about what to expect and plan for when you're planning a migration. This is a general list, and we can absolutely go more in depth once we get the ball rolling! 

2. We have PDM admin offerings listed on our website. The pricing lists are, again, general ideas. We tailor all of our outsourced PDM administration packages to each client, and scale them based on need. We can't give an exact quote on this until we're in contact since it's so specialized. 

We also have a blog on outsourced PDM administration, including a breakdown of how much it can save your company. To start at the very beginning, check out this blog from when I first started here, What Is PDM?

3. Our YouTube! It's your go-to for all of the best practices in SOLIDWORKS PDM. With Q! Tips covering topics like setting up XML forms, updating SOLIDWORKS references, setting up watermark on SOLIDWORKS drawings, and managing named BOM in SOLIDWORKS PDM, we have it all. And if we don't have it, Tim's going to make it. We take requests on content, so if there's something you don't see, let us know. 

We provide all of these resources for free, because all Tim wants is to make people's jobs easier. If there were such things as pro-bono PDM consulting, Tim would do it. Unfortunately, we do have to keep the lights on! If you have questions or want to see how we can help you, Tim always offers a free initial consultation and you can schedule a meeting with him here. He's also pretty active in the SOLIDWORKS forums, YouTube comments, Facebook, and LinkedIn! He's easy to get ahold of and happy to help. 

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