Hub: Implementing EQUIVAQ's Hub into your PDM Administration

03 Aug

When it comes to PDM add-ins, EQUIVAQ offers a variety of tools; Hub being at the top. Offered in the EQUIVAQ One package, the PDM application allows administrators to manage users and groups within your PDM vault. Compatible with additional tools and features, admins are able to select roll-based members designating them to selected groups. 

Carefully constructing collaborative teams each tasked to their area of expertise. As an administrator, Hub is the starting point. With an automated import and file backup system, your group is ready to hit the ground running with system access and dedicated members. 

Opening up a larger forum of conversation, how do you as an administrator construct your teams? Ensuring each team member is tasked at their optimum skill set, you're seeking to put together a synergetic team with agility to oversee obstacles, intuitively create, and ultimately construct a masterpiece of engineering ingenuity. It's expertise, insight, connectivity and gut. For the administrator, as you direct, construct, equip and lay the path ahead, EQUIVAQ hopes to ease the process.

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Tim Webb

Tim Webb

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