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Big changes at The Q!

16 Jan
Greetings Programs!
This greeting was the first greeting of the blog EQUIVAQ ever published. This is a quote from Kevin Flynn from Disney's TRON, released in 1979  because this was a movie that inspired my journey into the digital world. This is Tim Webb and I am reaching out to share some exciting and important news with you. You each know how much am an like TRON, I fight for the users! I'm always doing my level best to be my best so each of you can play at your best. So Greetings Programs!!
Late last year, I was invited to partner with a team that will be able to grow and expand the EQUIVAQ products, services, and customer support far beyond my dreams of teaching the next generation of engineers! MLC-CAD Systems has acquired EQUIVAQ Software and though the decision was difficult, I know and trust the MLC-CAD Systems team. Their nationwide presence and reputation for customer support made my decision for me. We wanted to reach out to you personally to share this exciting news and assure you of our continued commitment to providing you with excellent service.
The last decade of building the EQUIVAQ Software tools, offering PDM consulting plans, implementing solutions, and growing alongside our customers has been the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding journey I have ever taken and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
This acquisition represents a strategic move that will enhance our capabilities, expand our resources, and ultimately benefit you, our valued customer. We believe that joining forces with MLC-CAD will allow us to better meet your needs and provide you with even more innovative solutions and training.

The heart of EQUIVAQ (The Q!) has always been our relationship with you, our customer. "Our business is great because we are good. If we ever cease to be good, we will cease to be great." Paraphrased from Alex De Tocqueville. One of you left me with this quote during a particularly trying time. Thank you all for Believing in The Q!

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Tim Webb

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