Multi-Process File Storage Tool

30 Jun

When it comes to data storage, the to, from and back can be as simple or as complex as your organization would like it to be. For owner and founder of EQUIVAQ, Tim Webb, he sites the highest vulnerability in file storage can be the “to” and “from.” As a partner of Flatter Files, Tim has integrated the cloud-based storing system as an encrypted method to keep not only the data secure but as a multi-layer method of staged files through the manufacturing and engineering process.


Each file securely transported to the cloud and saved per stage of the supply chain. With this software integration, what EQUIVAQ has done as a partner of Flatter Files is create a tool that allows these files to be moved in bulk. The tedious workflow process of moving files securely to the cloud per authorization stage of the manufacturing process is easily done in a bulk file mode with the EQUIVAQ Flatter Files Tool.


Connecting to your Flatter Files account with secure authentication, the tool allows you to view the PDF, merge your drawings in bulk, create parts books and help you create a workflow that streamlines your organization’s processes to optimum efficiency.


Contact an EQUIVAQ Software to help you with your Flatter Files cloud storage, Flatter Files tool and implementation to achieve your desired workflow.

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