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Transition in the Business World: The Bobby Principle

The Bobby Principle equivaQ PDM
10 Oct


How many of us have a friend named “Bobby”? 

Maybe you've known Bobby for awhile, perhaps since grade-school. If you’re like most of us, life is full, so you lose track of Bobby for awhile. Years later, when your paths cross (maybe he sends you a friend request on Facebook, or you meet up again at a class reunion), you warmly welcome your old comrade…  “Who?!??”  There is no getting around it. Bobby isn’t called “Bobby” anymore; he now goes by “Robert.” 

How challenging is it to suddenly know your friend Bobby as “Robert”? Whether or not you like the change, you must adapt. Transfer this scenario to the business world, and this is what The Q calls “The Bobby Principle.” 

How Does The Q’s “The Bobby Principle” Apply to Business Today?

This principle impacts Solidworks PDM and your manufacturing processes.

 Are there processes that you’ve always done a certain way and you just don’t want to change? 

If so, take heart, PDM and processing consultants are here to ease your transition from “Bobby” to “Robert” in the business world.


How Does The Q’s “The Bobby Principle” Apply to Everyday Life?

Are you attached to the processes of using the file system and the file name and putting the Rev in the file name? But, when you really get down to it, you really should use the data card! 

Why Use the Data Card?

The Data Card offers a wide spectrum for flexibility within PDM:

  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • Offering superior stability (dwarfing previous options)
  • Taking your Data to the next level for consumption

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What Do We at The Q Do with “The Bobby Principle” and Everyday Work within SOLIDWORKS PDM? 

Ultimately, it is up to us, who understands “Robert” and who he is currently, to make  our clients’ transition from “Bobby” to “Robert” simple and seamless.

Are You Dealing with “The Bobby Principle”? If so, we’re here to lend a hand! 

Stay In The Know!

Keep up with us! equivaQ offers you tools and solutions; making your transition from "Bobby" to "Robert" a sensible one. 

Believe in The Q!

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