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Still Deciding On Whether Your Company Needs A PDM System? You're Losing Money...Daily.

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28 Jan

It still surprises me how many small to mid-sized engineering companies have yet to implement a product data management (PDM) system within their organization.

They seem to know "Why" they haven't. But many don't realize how much they are losing by not implementing one.

When asked why they still haven't pulled the trigger, many business owners come up with the same unworthy excuses:

No... that is exactly why you NEED a PDM implemented, now!

Then there is always the worry that they won't be able to afford a worthy PDM system on their tight budgets.

Yet, like the title of this blog suggests, often times, the costs of NOT implementing a PDM system into your engineering company greatly outweigh the cost of the actual product.


They do this in several ways:

And yet, there are still some owners that have, at least in their minds, a decent rebuttal to why they don't "need" a PDM just yet. One of those reasons is that they currently use a shared drive for all of the companies projects.

What they don't realize is the amount of time they are wasting or how much critical data they are losing. Of course, all of which a PDM software such as Solidworks PDM would solve.


Okay, so let's say you are somewhat curious about what we have discussed thus far. Perhaps I have piqued the interest of all the smaller engineering businesses out there. How could you possible calculate what your potential savings could be before pulling the trigger and purchasing a PDM for your company?

Lucky for you, Solidworks has a ROI Calculator that you can utilize. Simply run through the assessment, answer the questions, and voila', you may be pleasantly surprised by what number awaits you upon completion.

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The good news is that there is an easy way. Using the PDM ROI calculator you can apply your own company’s specific data to determine exactly how long it would take to get a return on your investment in PDM. 

Also, the calculator allows you to view what the savings would be year after year. Which hammers home the sting of how much money you have wasted over the years by not knowing this information.

And for those owners who are questioning how fast they will recoup their PDM investment and actually see their ROI, Solidworks provides several examples of other companies who have actually capitalized on their PDM implementation in less than a year's time.

Surely every company is unique and I can't possibly troubleshoot everyone's objections and individual rebuttals within this article, but that is what the comments section below is for.

So, try the ROI calculator out for yourself and see if Solidworks is something that can make you and your company more profitable. Do your pocket book and your engineer employees a favor and invest in a more streamlined future, today.

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