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07 Mar

In the world of technology and engineering, SOLIDWORKS has perpetuated itself to the industry platform with their latest release of the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE. What is the product and what does it mean to the industry in capabilities, performance, ease of use and innovation is an industry update we’re ecstatic to explore.

In grasping what SOLIDWORKS has accomplished with its 3DEXPERIENCE, the inventor and consumer alike can expect an automated software that is most simply put, fast. In assembly management and geometry creation, your start to project completion has been catapulted into ultimate project momentum. Larger assembly projects, model referencing coordinate systems, be it in 3D or 2D sketch dimensions, have all been sped up at maximum productivity level as your project is being saved. In essence, in the engineering world of invention, the comparative of the dial-up days of the world wide web are over.

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Now, delving not only into the speed of the 3DEXPERIENCE for SOLIDWORKS but the actual real-life experience that three-dimensional technology brings. Drawings, structure and design are rendered with accuracy in a real-life computed component that brings your project to life. In this, the 3DEXPERIENCE not only creates a dimensional project but is equipped with sensing components, material and geometric tolerances that ensure engineering parameters are met. Be it in sheet metal, electrical or pipe, the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE has just made your job easier.

As your latest mastery is edging to completion, the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE features cloud data management; as well as a data exchange with out-of-network project collaborators and value stream integration. The 3DEXPERIENCE user is no longer having to spend a percentage of the day managing files. This is a file-less system that creates models attaching them to projects with ease. Project revisions and project release levels are protected with the ease of use in project formatting with offline capabilities as you’ve utilized the tasking component to a finished project.

In summary, SOLIDWORKS, you’ve done it again. As a leader in the software engineering world, we’re excited for where the industry is heading as we continue to push the limits in the world of technology.

Lindsay Barnes, Director of Sales at EQUIVAQ

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