04 Apr

Upon starting at EQUIVAQ, like any sales position, you begin to study your product. What are its functions, capabilities, who can use it and where does it stand competitively in the industry. Delving into EQUIVAQ Software’s variety of offerings in tools and add-ins, each a unique solution specifically developed to streamline a process; what interested me most was EQUIVAQ ONE.


What is EQUIVAQ ONE and why is it the end-to-end solution in the value stream process of manufacturing and engineering; simply put, there isn’t another software that incorporates the functions and capabilities out there. Incorporating EQUIVAQ’s Attach References Tool, BOM ETL Tool, PDM Auditor Pro, Reset U, Hub, Serial Rename Tool, Transmissions, and Transition Time; from engineering to your supply chain to manufacturing, what EQUIVAQ has offered in EQUIVAQ ONE is a toolset to simplify your production process easing the constraints of mundane tasks to equip your team with a production process of excellence.


The Attach Reference Tool, automating your process of reference documents; the BOM (Bill of Materials) ETL Tool, extracting, transforming and loading your BOM from PDM to a SQL database; the PDM Auditor PRO, reporting the number of files added, checked in, transitioned, moved, renamed, deleted, or rolled back; Hub, automating an import of all users and groups into a grid matrix; Serial Renaming Tool, automating the process of assigned numbers and files; Transition Time, automating the process of transitioning files through PDM; and, Transmissions, helping with your ECN system with notifications to approvers on datacards.


Helping clients daily, I’m pleased to be able to offer a product that is going to significantly cut down on day-to-day tasks in the most cost-efficient package; helping create a process for our clients that allows them to do what they do best.

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