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What Makes Tim Qualified?

22 Apr

Any time you're looking for a new product or service to fit the needs of your company, you want to ensure you have the best, most qualified, and most cost effective. So what makes Tim qualified? 

1. Design Experience - Tim went to Tulsa Tech, a trade school, to learn drafting and design. Since then, he has accumulated about 18 years of production experience. He has designed his own trinkets and tools, as any engineer does, but Tim also did some major projects. Tim's original design for the FLIR FIDO is what the current design is modeled after! He also did a major project for the military designing a K9 collar. Tim went on to become a SOLIDWORKS pro after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Mechanical Engineering and Technology degree. He has 21 years of experience with SOLIDWORKS, and has written 150 add ins to improve the user experience. 

2. Failing - Tim has had failures! Any good engineer has, and you cannot convince Tim or anyone here otherwise. When he worked at Nomadics in Stillwater, he said his prototype ratio was likely close to 10-20 failures for every 1 product they launched. This time of working in a "trial by fire" environment gave him the skills to think on his toes, make changes on the fly, and recognize what will and won't work before he gets too deep. This also taught him the most incredible organization skills. He can keep 13 different projects straight, do 8 meetings in a day, and stay on top of everything.

Another way that Tim failing fast has made him better at his job is by helping him to admit and move forward. If Tim drops the ball on something, he is always the first to admit his mistake and work to make it right. It's easily one of his most admirable traits, although he would probably tell you it's his wicked good looks. 😝

3. Priorities - In this industry, it's rare to find two companies who are in the same place with their PDM, budget, or even engineering team. Because of this, Tim knows how important it is to be customer-focused. Customer service is always #1 in his list of priorities. He focuses on building relationships and hearing frustrations and finding solutions. If Tim doesn't have a solution, he'll find one or create one for you. Tim is highly dedicated to making engineering teams better, regardless of your starting point. 

Tim is always looking for ways to make his services cost effective, like charging one fee annually, not per license. There are also several free resources that Tim keeps adding to like our YouTube, free tool downloads like Catalyst and Move File Tool, and he offers free initial consultations where he will Zoom with you, listen to your concerns, and give you an idea of how he can help. These consultations are no obligation, and he's happy to sign an NDA to ease any concerns you might have.

Remember, when we do a vault makeover, almost everyone thinks their vault is in the worst shape. Tim has seen it all, so take comfort knowing your vault is probably not the worst. If it is Tim will be kind and patient, he will also be very excited to take on a project like that. It's also even more reason to get started on improving it today! 

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