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How to get a $50,000 Product for $2,000

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15 Oct

One of the hardest parts of the professional world is pricing. Salaries, products, services, you name it. When it comes to monetary value, a lot of people struggle to put a price on themselves (ever asked for a raise?), their products (would someone really pay for that?!), and their services (oh, I don't know if I'm an expert, per se.). 

Our Custom Tools Library is something we struggle with pricing on. It's a collection of over 100 tools that Tim and his developers have put together over his years of experience. It's compiled of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours of work. One custom tool can go for thousands, so when we put together the collection and started talking about pricing, we knew with a library that large it was realistically worth somewhere upwards of $50,000. 

But we didn't want to charge that. $50,000 is a lot of money. Most employees would struggle with red tape and corporate to get approval for that kind of spending, assuming their company even has that kind of money sitting around to spend. And unless you're one of the few, $50,000 would completely eliminate any hobbyists from being able to afford this resource. This library isn't our money maker, and it's not intended to be. We focus on creating resources and tools that are affordable. We want to help the SOLIDWORKS community grow, and by making your job using SOLIDWORKS easier, it removes frustrating barriers and allows you to do your job better. 

Tim fully believes in removing barriers because he knows in his own work that it allows him to be much more creative and come up with new ideas, new challenges, and do his job better when his brain isn't cluttered with obstacles and things he needs to do, but doesn't have time or space on his workbench for. Like marketing, or some support work, hence why he hired Hunter and I. Freeing up that space on his metaphoric workbench allows him to work on new projects and tasks. 

Tim tells me all the time that if there was a way he could give his products away and keep the lights on, he would do it. So $2,000 might sound like a scam for a library of tools that's as extensive as the Custom Tools Library is, but we really just want to get you the best deal possible while also providing tools that we're really proud of and know can help make your life easier. There are no strings attached, no subscription requirement, nothing like that. We do hope you'll keep in touch and ask questions or give us feedback, but you don't even have to do that! 

We've struggled with the pricing on this tool, but we're sure that we'd rather it be too cheap and us lose out on some profit than too expensive and cause you or anyone else to lose out on the resources. If you have any questions about the Custom Tools Library, or anything else SOLIDWORKS, PDM, XML, or PLM related, schedule a meeting with Tim or send us an email! Helping you is what we're here for. 

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