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Assign "DocumentID" to PDM files for ERP & MRP Integration

12 Dec
If you've ever been curious about how to Integrate PDM with ERP using simple procedures, this blog's for you!
This blog was originally published December 12, 2019, but it was updated July 23, 2019 with new information. 



Michal question


Most of our clients are looking for ways to "easily" assign a unique identifier to all related files, having the same Unique ID # to a SOLIDWORKS Model (part or assembly), its drawing and subsequent PDF files.

The reason being- document distribution to your company's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system. (A new blog on what ERP and MRP are, and how it ties into your PDM system.) After assigning the Unique ID #, the ERP or MRP can tie the files together for displaying Bill of Materials or previews of the drawing when Supply Chain buyers, Manufacturing Planners, Manufacturing shop floor workers, etc. need to view the drawing in the ERP/MRP.

This is a common request we've received from several clients, so we made a tool for it. We're in the business of making things easier, so this is a tool we offer for FREE! No strings attached, it's a simple solution that we want everyone to have. Click below to download the FREE tool TODAY! 



As of August 2020, we have partnered with CADTALK, who offer a top of the line tool for integrating ERP! Check out the resources we have on our site, our blog post on CADTALK, and if you have more questions, schedule a meeting! It's a tool we are excited about providing because we truly believe it's something the industry has needed for a long time. 

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NOTE: This add-in is provided as-is without warranty, express or implied. Use at your own risk.

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