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A New Partnership

27 Aug

We are really excited to announce our partnership with CADTalk! We've been working with them the last couple of months to begin offering CADTalk's services and products to our customers. 

When we pick a company to work with, it's the result of extensive research, demos, several calls, and if we don't think it's a product we would use ourselves, we won't promote it. CADTalk caught our eye when we were on the lookout for a specific product that would integrate PDM and PLM with ERP. CADTalk uses AI to integrate mBOM (manufacturing bill of materials) and eBOM (engineering bill of materials). This makes production planning much easier and faster by assisting communication between engineering and manufacturing, a common pain point in our industry. 

CADTalk has more tools than we have time or space to talk about here, but they're all listed and laid out nicely on their site. We are really excited about the opportunity to work with another SOLIDWORKS partner to provide the best PDM add-ins and support you can find. 

One of our most important goals when forming partnership and finding additonal solutions is taking the legwork out for SOLIDWORKS users. We don't want you to have to go through months of communication and research to find the right solution for your company to use with SOLIDWORKS. That's why we do it for you. We listen to your goals, whether it's integration, speed, or an entire makeover, we are dedicated to providing the top industry resources for our clients, as well as the support and consulting following. 

CADTalk fits a gap in the market that we spent a long time trying to find the perfect add-in to fill. It's well rounded, and we really like what we've seen! We're already implementing it with clients we think it's the perfect match for. 

If you think your firm could benefit from the add-on that CADTalk offers, or you need a different add-on to meet your needs, schedule a meeting and we can talk! We're happy to get the ball rolling to make your experience with SOLIDWORKS PDM easier! 

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