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Working from Home in 2021

05 Jan

As 2021 flew by, RTO was delayed, rescheduled, and with Omnicron raging on, ultimately scrapped. Whether you’re a fan of working from home or not, 2021 brought out the less pleasant aspects of remote work. 

You knew when your child was quarantining on a bi-monthly basis during the spring semester that this was going to have to be something you got used to. After all, the school year was going to end and it’d be summer. Home for three months, interrupting Zoom calls, playing hide and seek in your office (okay, it’s the dining room, but it’s your space), wrestling, and probably arguing with their siblings. They lived up to that expectation of distraction but it wasn’t so bad. You stepped away from your dining room, I mean office, and spent time with them. Taking breaks to take walks was great for your mental health and your relationships, but maybe not so much for your productivity. 

Some weeks, it wasn’t so bad to not have to leave the house. Others, you wanted to rip your hair out if you had to take the same walk from your bedroom to your laptop every single day. It ebbs and flows. Your pj’s are no longer comfy for 12 hours a day. Maybe you are one of the few who actually have a routine and get dressed (good for you). Maybe, like Tim, you finished out your home gym and you’re taking care of your body.

At any rate, WFH isn’t all it was cracked up to be. But maybe RTO isn’t either. We’re grateful for the holidays and hopeful for the year ahead of us. Tell us your favorite parts of WFH or working in an office! For us, it’s being around other adults who we don’t live with. We’re social creatures at the end of the day!

In 2022, we encourage you to take note of the aspects of working remotely that made you better, like spending more time with your spouse, kiddos, or even yourself, and move forward with those good habits. Keep taking walks and breaks to enjoy your life outside of working. Keep working on your fitness goals. Keep taking mental breaks from your work to gain a fresh perspective (we can't recommend this one enough). And keep growing! 

As always, Believe in The Q!

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