SOLIDWORKS 2021 Highlights From an Industry Expert

12 Nov

This could probably win Most Blogged About Topic of Fall 2020, but it's big news okay?! We wanted to wait and get all the information we could before we sat down and spilled the beans. Here's what an industry expert with two decades of experience is excited about in SOLIDWORKS 2021. For a rundown of all the new things, check out SOLIDWORKS's website here. 

Your reseller is also likely hosting events if they haven't already! Attend one, take in all the information you can get. Reserve your spot at an event near you, follow this link here! 

As a marketing content manager, I can research and learn about a lot of things, but ultimately I lack insight from time to time. Luckily, Tim's always more than willing to fill me in on the deets when I can't get the full picture on my own. With SOLIDWORKS 2021 being a hot topic, I asked Tim what he was most excited about. Tim's a little harder to impress when it comes to SOLIDWORKS updates because he's made quite a name for himself by creating add-ons to make SOLIDWORKS a more complete experience. That being said, he's not a total Grinch about update releases. He was happy to share a few things that piqued his interest this time around! 

Here are my TOP 3 favorite new features:


  • Installation Manager downloads and extracts installation media faster. This is really just a simple joy. Spending less time watching the loading circle spin is better for productivity, and my sanity! 
  • Opening large assemblies with multiple configurations has been greatly improved. We noticed that a lot of the SW 2021 improvements were rooted in speed, and there are absolutely no complaints over here about that! 
  • And finally...closing a large assembly no longer takes forever!!! I finally feel like SOLIDWORKS heard our frustrations, and with all the improved load times, we should be twice as productive!


  • Large folders are no longer a problem navigating!
  • Files add to PDM wayyyyy faster!
  • Check in/out speed is a HUGE improvement. Again, all speed improvements! You can definitely tell where my frustrations are rooted. I admit, I'm impatient, but that just means I'm even more excited for this update. SOLIDWORKS PDM lagging is something that we experience, but it's also a typical gripe from our customers. 

- Tim

As always, if you want to chat with Tim about SOLIDWORKS 2021, whether you have questions, concerns, or you think he's dead wrong, comment below or schedule a meeting with his live calendar! He'll be happy to chat with you. Also, if you think you'll need a custom program to make SOLIDWORKS 2021 fit your needs perfectly, you've come to the right place. We might even already have the tools you're looking for! Let's talk and get started on making your job easier! 

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