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Troubleshooting SOLIDWORKS PDM: Trouble Logging In After Unlinking PDM From Manage

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19 Jul

Many SOLIDWORKS users are having trouble learning how to navigate the specific error of log in trouble following the process of unlinking their PDM from SOLIDWORKS Manage. Keep reading to discover how we solved this for customers subscribed to our PDM end to end solutions and have outsourced their PDM Administration to equivaQ.

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We recently received the following problem and request for help from one of our clients. See if you can relate:

"We installed SOLIDWORKS Manage and attached our _EPDM vault to Manage but then later deleted the PDM object. Then, while trying to get back into that vault without Manage, it’s throwing this error:

log in pdm

We reviewed the PDM error log and it says it can't find a stored procedure. Here's the full text from the PDM log:

The following database error has occured:
  State:37000,Native:2812,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
State:01000,Native:3621,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]

  Could not find stored procedure 'SWManage.dbo.sp_SWPDM_115_Users_Insert'.
The statement has been terminated.

2019-07-12 14:01:09
Error code general description: Could not access the item in the database.

log in pdm 2


Whew! Seems complicated, right?

Our Solution:

Well, here's the steps we took to attempt to resolve this:

  • We can login to the PDM administration tool to this vault without any problems and can access all the nodes of the tool.
  • Deleted the SWPDM Manage addin and reinstalled it - no success
  • Reattached the same _EPDM vault in Manage and synchronized it and can even access all the documents and record objects through Manage - no success
  • Deleted the vault view and recreated the view using the admin tool AND the vault view setup - no success
  • Searched the Manage DB and PDM DB for any references to stored procedures matching this one so I could find where this error is being generated from or even possibly delete the reference - no success
  • Tried duplicating the PDM database, archive server, and the file archive to a new vault but when trying to login to that vault, it throws the same error - no success
  • Searched the forums - no success

After all this, we thought there was a slim chance we could find something in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base...

  • Found a solution in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base - solution ID S-073824 - Success!!

KB solution ID S-073824 walks you through how to disable the triggers in the PDM database that were linked to the Manage instance.

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