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Back in the SOLIDWORKS Design Chair

01 Apr

 Tim is working on a top secret project where he actually gets to design in SOLIDWORKS rather than just working on the technical, nitty-gritty side of things. This has made him almost a completely different person. Instead of having his desk clear and tidy, it's become littered with little things he uses as physical references for his design process including an old camera, an Xbox controller, several design aids from Protolabs, a weedeater head, a variety of snacks and energy drinks. 

IMG_4577Tim has built his company on making PDM easier to use so that you can focus on the design side. You know, the fun stuff! He often forgets how much he enjoys being in the design chair. He's spent years of his career designing, and he loves it. SOLIDWORKS really is an incredibly powerful tool for CAD.

We've seen our design go from the most basic shapes to a fully complete rendering, then back again (Tim had to do three redesigns to get it ready for production). In that time, Tim used a whole bunch of reference tools to determine how he wanted this product to look, how it was going to fit together, the texture of it, and more. Everyone's creative process is different, but I love watching them unfold! 

It's hard to go from the data management, sales, and business side of your brain to your SOLIDWORKS CAD side of your brain. Tim spend about a week in a creative daze where any question I asked was responded to with ".... wait, I'm sorry, what?" When I say Tim gets in the zone, I mean it! 

It's good to get into your creative side every once in awhile, it helps remind us why we do what we do. Making the fun stuff easier makes it more fun! We've also been swamped with support calls and upgrades this week, so Tim needed the brain vacation.

If you're interested in seeing some of the projects Tim has done, check out his design portfolio on our website (linked here!). If you have something you need designed, or need help with something you're designing, Tim is happy to help! With the utmost respect for your hard work, he's happy to sign an NDA so you can get another set of eyes on your design.  

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