Risk Mitigation

21 Jul

We know that everyone in the industry is skeptical and cautious when it comes to investing in solutions. It's hard to know that this one will be the one you need, especially if you've had a negative experience with things not meeting your expectations. It's also daunting to make the decision to move forward with a purchase for the same reasons. 

There is risk involved, of course! But we're here to help mitigate the risk, and while we can't totally negate it, we will do what we can! One of the ways we do this is by thoroughly vetting all of the solutions we partner with, as well as providing the best customer service we possibly can. If you're not happy with any of the service we provide, we want to know, and we want to try to make it right! 

One of the most important things you can do to mitigate risk when adopting a solution program is investing in a company with a known track record. For example, we have reviews on our website, and we can provide customer testimonial to any potential customers who want it. Our Director of Operations, Tim Webb, is super active in the SOLIDWORKS forums because he wants to help. We also run pilot solutions, where we take a small chunk of your system, apply our solution plan, and see if it works. If not, we can easily reevaluate without being up to our neck in a solution that didn't pan out. It gives us the opportunity to make adjustments as needed, and you the chance to hold onto some control in all of this. We're dedicated to reassuring all of our potential clients that we are the best bet, and if we're not, we will refer you to someone who is! 

Another thing that can help keep you from experiencing internal turmoil is looking small. If you're feeling frustrated with your current PDM system, it's likely rooted in two or three issues. At this point, a lot of things can build on top of it and just become a huge pain point for employees. Seek a solution for your biggest day-to-day issues, and go from there. Likely, if a firm has tools that fit everyday needs, they'll have specialized tools as well. It's interesting how this aspect works backwards. It's actually much more challenging to develop one well-rounded tool that can be applied to several situations on a day-to-day basis than it is to develop twenty small tools that only work for one specific thing. 

Finally, ask the tough questions. Don't be afraid to hurt feelings to get the information you need. There have been times that things haven't gone smoothly for everyone, and any firm worth working with will own up to their own shortcomings and explain how they can and will avoid the  same mistakes going forward. Making exclusively analytical decisions doesn't work here. The relationship between your firm and your solution provider are more than just numbers, it requires trust and communication.

A lot of risk mitigation is easier said than done, but we truly believe that putting a fair amount of value into who you work with instead of just what the solutions are can make all the difference! If things aren't running smoothly for you now, and you know you want to find a solution, don't let "what if's" hold you back and cost you time and money in productivity. Schedule a free consultation with us, we have availability almost any day and time, and if it's not available on the calendar, shoot Tim an email and he will be happy to work with you to find a time! 

Now is the best time to get things started. The world is uncertain right now, and you can't afford to be wasting time and money on a product data management system that doesn't meet all of your needs. Even if you don't choose Equivaq, we're still happy to help where we can! Let us know if you have any questions! 


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